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About Foremark Performance Chemicals

Foremark Performance Chemicals, headquartered in League City, Texas, is a technology-driven leader in intermediate specialty chemicals and derivatives for oilfield, refinery and petrochemical applications. We are a leading manufacturer of formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde concentrate and MEA Triazine with a world-scale production facility in La Porte, TX.

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American Chemistry Council

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents a diverse set of companies engaged in the business of chemistry. An innovative, $797 billion enterprise, ACC works to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our nation and our world. ACC’s mission is to deliver value to its members through advocacy, using best-in-class member engagement, political advocacy, communications and scientific research. ACC is committed to fostering progress in our economy, environment and society.

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Formaldehyde Facts

Founded in June 2010, Formaldehyde Facts is an American Chemistry Council (ACC) board approved self-funded panel that represents the producers, suppliers and users of formaldehyde and formaldehyde products, like Foremark. Trade associations representing key formaldehyde applications are also an important membership component of the group. The Formaldehyde Panel’s primary activities include advocacy, research, and marketplace outreach.

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Building with Chemistry

Chemistry matters. Chemical ingredients are used in a variety of building and construction industry products and provide specific benefits that make buildings safer, more durable, energy-efficient and attractive. The Building with Chemistry website offers information for builders, designers, architects, and others in the construction industry on the unique properties of these materials used in every commercial, residential and mixed-use projects.

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Experts At What We Do

How is Foremark Performance Chemicals different? Here are a few of the capabilities that set us apart from other specialty chemicals manufacturers.

  • Foremark is agile, allowing us to develop custom compounds for customers across a wide range of industries.
  • We have been serving the oil, gas and refinery industry for 17 years. We have the experience your company needs to succeed in the future.

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