March 31, 2019

Foremark Performance Chemicals Recognized for Safety Record for 2018

Foremark Performance Chemicals was recognized in the “Zeros are Heroes” program by the La Porte Citizen’s Advisory Council during their 2019 Worker Safety Presentation. This designation is awarded to companies with zero safety recordable injuries for 2018. There are approximately 44 companies in the community advisory council. More importantly, Foremark is one of only 7 plants with zero recordables over the past 5 years.

The definition of a recordable by OSHA is any work-related injury or illness that must be recorded on an OSHA log. This log is made available to OSHA during inspections. A recordable injury is defined by requiring a doctor’s intervention, which could include prescribing of medication, stitches or possible surgery. A recordable also includes a wide range of injuries or illnesses clearly caused by an event at work or the result of chemical contact and exposure.

The most common recordables reported by other companies include trips and falls, not following proper procedures resulting in chemical exposure, thermal burns, laceration and fractures or incidents of being pinched which result in finger stitches and loss of part of a finger.

“We are extremely proud of our commitment and focus on safety every day,” says Brian Wilson, VP of Operations at the La Porte site. “Nothing we do is so important that it cannot be done safely. We can never let our guard down. It’s our most important core value that our employees, our partners, and our customers are expected to uphold.”

About Foremark Performance Chemicals

Foremark Performance Chemicals is a technology driven leader in intermediate chemicals and derivatives for oilfield, refineries and petrochemical applications.

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