Precision applied.
Performance delivered.

From manufacturing to quality, responsiveness and delivery, we bring precision to every aspect of our work to ensure the performance our customers deserve.

Advancing chemistry with accuracy

As a leader in intermediate specialty chemicals and derivatives for oilfield, refinery and petrochemical applications, we develop products for our customers’ needs, faster and more accurately.

Maximum Purity

Outperform with PureMark® Scavengers, our innovative and high performing mono-ethanol amine (MEA), mono-methyl amine (MMA) and custom triazines and formulations.

North America’s Largest Merchant Producer of Formaldehyde

As one of the leading Formaldehyde suppliers in the nation, we operate the 2nd largest formaldehyde plant in North America.

Reliable UFC-85

Primarily used in fertilizers and wood product resins for the building and construction industry, our Urea-Formaldehyde Concentrate consistently meets high quality standards.