Sustainable Manufacturing

Innovation works here

Our highly efficient plant and state-of-the-art laboratory are at the core of our ability to create sustainable solutions and high-performance products targeting our customer needs.

Built better to produce better

Constructed in 2001 and ISO 9001-2015 certified, our high automation plant is among the world’s largest and most efficient Triazine, Formalin and UFC (Urea Formaldehyde Concentrate) production facilities with best-in-class yields and ultra low waste and emissions.

Around the clock – high yields and low emissions

Our world class facility operates 24/7/365 at very high efficiency with high yields and virtually no process wastewater or solid waste generation. Air emissions are controlled with state-of-the-art catalytic converters that do not require fossil fuels for emission control. Our raw material yields are best in class. These high yields and low waste lead to environmentally friendly plant operations.

Efficient and reliable raw material supply and conversion

The vast majority of our raw materials are received via pipeline with essentially no emissions or transportation hazards. During conversion of raw materials to products, multiple heat exchangers are used to recover waste heat and is then converted to useful steam. Low electrical power consumption with high heat recovery makes the site an energy producer versus a net consumer.

Supply assuredness for our customers and sound design

At 27 feet above sea level, our over engineered plant equipment and construction has proven safe and reliable operations – even through inclement weather such as hurricanes, high rainfall events, and freezes. The metallurgy for our equipment has essentially no corrosion and does not require frequent replacement. This means higher reliability, safer operations, and lower life cycle resources required to maintain plant equipment.

Advancing and assuring with responsible chemistry.

To continue to provide the highest level of quality products to customers we proudly operate a state-of-the-art laboratory that includes quality control, applications testing, research, and product development.

24/7 Quality Control

Around the clock, our quality control plays a vital role in ensuring the reliability and consistency of our products.

Product Development

Our dedication to research and product development enables us to create industry-leading and customer driven products. Application testing ensures that our products perform at a superior level in the field.