June 1, 2018

Foremark Performance Chemicals brands line of scavenging products

Foremark Performance Chemicals, a technology driven leader in intermediate chemicals and derivatives for oilfield, refineries and petrochemical applications, officially branded their line of scavenging products used for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenging in crude oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and SAGD (steam-assisted gravity drainage).

These products, now known as the PureMark® family, today include MEA and MMA triazines and their blends with various additives used in oil & gas operations as well as carbon dioxide scavengers. Over the years, the MEA triazines have emerged as leaders in the industry and on the one-year anniversary of the renaming of the company to Foremark, the PureMark® name was launched to recognize this scavengers’ line. Our triazines are effective hydrogen sulfide scavengers eliminating toxic gases while ensuring asset integrity. Our carbon dioxide (CO2) scavengers eliminate acid gases to protect assets and provide compliance to pipeline natural gas specifications.

While commercialization of MEA Triazine products started in 2011, continuous development of technology resulted in the recent creation of new products such as PureMark® M500 and PureMark® B800 scavengers.

PureMark® M500 scavenger is an MMA triazine which has the added advantages of mercaptan removal and usage in liquid hydrocarbon streams.

PureMark® B800 – CO2 scavenger allows operators to discontinue flaring out of spec natural gas and convert to a salable product ready for the pipeline. It provides effective carbon dioxide scrubbing when an amine plant is not available. In addition, this product also removes hydrogen sulfide, protects assets by eliminating corrosive gases and reduces waste and impact to the environment.

After successful field trials early in the year, PureMark® M500 and PureMark® B800 scavengers are now commercial. “We are very proud of how the marriage of chemistry and plant design have given us the unique opportunity to provide the highest quality hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide scavengers in the industry for our customers” said Jon Bingham, Foremark’s Technical Manager.


Technical Data Sheets

PureMark® M500
PureMark® B800

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