October 9, 2019

Foremark Performance Chemicals announces new brand identity for the PureMark® hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide scavengers

Foremark Performance Chemicals PureMark® tradename received the Certification of Registration from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Foremark’s PureMark line of scavengers enhances safety, protects equipment and ensures oil and gas sales specifications are met. These products are highly effective hydrogen sulfide scavengers which eliminate toxic gases while ensuring asset integrity. Foremark has expanded its offering and broadened the PureMark product line to include a multitude of active concentrations and formulations of MEA Triazine and MMA Triazine and patent pending carbon dioxide scavengers. This new technology is used in eliminating acid gases, protecting assets and providing natural gas compliance to pipeline specifications, thus enabling its commercialization. A great benefit is the reduction of the environmental impact associated with gas flaring.

“To reflect the forward-moving direction of the company, the new brand identity for the hydrogen sulfide scavenging products represents Foremark’s commitment to new product development and manufacturing process innovation, while honoring over 15 years of supplying top quality products to the oil and gas industry”, says Dana Eagar, Vice President Marketing and Business Development. “We will continue to provide consistently exceptional quality products that our customers have been successfully using for many years under the newly registered PureMark brand”.

About Foremark Performance Chemicals

Foremark Performance Chemicals is a technology driven leader in intermediate chemicals and derivatives for oilfield, refineries and petrochemical applications.

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