May 4, 2020

Foremark Performance Chemicals awarded the American Chemistry Council’s 2020 Responsible Care® Facility Safety Award

Foremark Performance Chemicals has been awarded the American Chemistry Council’s 2020 Responsible Care® Facility Safety Award. This award was received during the opening day of the 2020 Responsible Care & Sustainability Virtual Conference & Expo on May 4th.

This award, presented to American Chemistry Council member companies, based on their achievements in employee health and safety, includes a Certificate of Excellence for those facilities with zero deaths, zero days away from work cases, and zero job transfer or restriction cases among both employees and contractors in 2019.

Responsible Care® is the chemical manufacturing industry’s environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative. For more than 30 years, Responsible Care has helped American Chemistry Council (ACC) member companies to significantly enhance their performance and improve the health and safety of their employees, the communities in which they operate and the environment as a whole. By being part of Responsible Care, Foremark Performance Chemicals pledges to improve environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance for our facilities, processes and products throughout the entire operating system. “We are extremely proud of the diligent and hard work that keeps Responsible Care a leading initiative for our chemical operations” says Brian Wilson, VP of Operations at Foremark Performance Chemicals. “Nothing is more critical than our commitment to keeping our employees, community, and customer’s health and safety at the forefront of our mission. It’s our most important principal value that we expect our employees and partners to live by every day.”

foremark responsible care award

About Foremark Performance Chemicals

Foremark Performance Chemicals is a technology driven leader in intermediate chemicals and derivatives for oilfield, refineries and petrochemical applications.

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